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Japan Society for Production Management (JSPM) was established on April 1, 1994 with the following objectives: JSPM aims to integrate production management principle and practice, seen as a part of business science, to develop research and education in the principles of production and operations management and to guide and improve production management practices. JSPM also aims to contribute to the development of academic culture by providing a venue for mutual interaction among its members and other related academic societies, and to become a place of communication and training for its members.

In order to fulfill the objectives set forth above, JSPM is engaged in the following projects:


Holding conferences annually at appropriate locations for hosting the presentations of members’ research conducted on the problems of production and operations management,

2 Holding workshops as needed,
3 Release of publications and reports on production and operations management,
4 Implementation of specific research projects, field works and observations related to production and operations management,
5 Communication with other societies and organizations related to production and operations management, and
6  Implementation of other activities seen as necessary to achieve the objectives set forth by JSPM.
JSPM Rules and Regulations (PDF)



Membership Guide

Currently the manufacturing industry in Japan is said to be facing its most difficult time since the end of the Second World War. Our position as the industrial center of the world is now being challenged by international competition including growing Asian countries. Entering a phase of major change, our society, too, must cooperate with individuals from industry, government, and academia, in order to achieve our goal. For the time being, we will aim to organize and hold the 3rd Global Conference on Production and Operations Management in 2008 along with the enhancement of society activities and to meet the demands of a changing age. We highly recommend that all researchers, educators, and business practitioners and entrepreneurs involved in production and operations management take this opportunity to become members of our organization and make contributions to JSPM while maintaining, enhancing, and exercising your professional ability.


Features of JSPM

Currently we have workshops under the following themes, where our members participate in proactive research activities. One of the dynamic and positive activities of JSPM is this workshop program. Members are welcome to join more than one workshop.

1 Integration of theory and practice of production and operations management as a part of business science.
2 Theorization and generalization of the most advanced practices.
3 Structuring and implementation of new ideas and theories.
4 Exchange of thoughts and opinions among researchers, educators, and workers.

Promoting exchanges with researchers of other societies both domestic and overseas.


Promotion, standardization, and diffusion of new production and operations management technologies.

7 Fostering young and female production and operations management researchers, educators, and practitioners.
8 Development and provision of necessary services to each chapter.
9 Expansion of substantial workshop activities.

Introduction of the most advanced production and operations management technologies.



Diffusion of production management in the primary and tertiary industries.

Regular Members

Annual membership fee: 12,000 yen
Individuals interested in production and operations management in their scholarly or practical status

Supporting Members

Annual membership fee: 50,000 yen
Organizations supporting JSPM
Privilege: Free membership for 3 individuals

Revised on April 1, 2005

Membership Fee Payment

Credit card payment is accepted. Please fill in your credit card information and submit payment via our Website. You may also deposit membership fees into our account by filling out the postal payment transfer slip, including your membership number, name, address, and contact details.

* Membership fee collection has been entrusted to DAITEC Co., Ltd.

Enrollment Procedures

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Submission Guidelines and Manuscript Rules (English)
 ・Submission guidelines for Journal of the Japan Society for Production Management (JSPM)
 ・JSPM manuscript rules for Journal
 ・JSPM manuscript rules for National Conference Lecture and Thesis Booklet

 ・Word Version
・PDF Version (Click here if you are not able to see the PDF Version)

Please use the designated template listed below as much as possible.
 ・For Journal / English (Word)
 ・For Conference Presentation/Lecture and Thesis Booklet / English (Word)

Inquiries and applications

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